Best Teaching Abroad Blogs of 2012 – Awards

TeacherPort is delighted to announce the winners of the Best Teaching Abroad Blogs of 2012. After reviewing over 100 blogs that are produced and updated by international educators around the world, our final selections showcase the best teaching abroad blogs on the web.

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the Best Teaching Abroad Blogs of 2012 and keep up the great work!


China.Flag  Thailand.Flag  Miss Adventure – Thailand/China
Jessica’s blog is a fantastic resource for anybody exploring the possibility of teaching in either Thailand or China. Jessica is currently teaching English at the university level in China and she updates her blog with travel adventures, classroom stories, and general tips about teaching in Asia. Before she made the move to China this year, she was previously teaching in Thailand and has loads of posts related to her experience there. We look forward to everything that is to come from Miss Adventure’s time in China!

SK.Flag  My Life! Teaching in a Korean University – South Korea
Jackie’s blog is a must read if you are thinking about accepting a teaching position in South Korea. Jackie blogs about ESL teaching topics, hiring trends in Korea, as well as opinion pieces about her life and experiences in South Korea. This is a high quality blog that provides insightful, informative content for it’s regular followers.

UAE.Flag  Abu Dhabi & I – UAE
Kelby has been teaching in the UAE since August 2011 and does a super job documenting her experience abroad. Insightful observations and well-written updates make her blog a very valuable resource for anybody interested in learning about life as a teacher in Abu Dhabi.

Brazil.Flag  Danielle In Brazil – Brazil
Danielle’s blog is not necessarily a ‘guide to teaching in Brazil’ but it does provide valuable information about what it’s like to be an expat teacher living in Brazil. Danielle provides tips and advice based on her experiences, but the blog is more helpful in the way it allows its readers to understand the ins-and outs (and the pros and cons) of what it’s like to be a teacher living in Brazil.

TP.Ball1  Teaching Traveling – Global
Lillie does a great job keeping the content on Teaching Traveling up to date, fresh and informative. Interviews with international teachers around the world plus guest posts related to the world of teaching overseas makes this blog one of the best resources on the web for anybody interested in teaching abroad. Keep it up Lillie!

Oman.Flag  Andy In Oman – Oman
Andy is a Canadian ESL teacher who has over 15 years experience teaching English overseas. Andy has been teaching in Oman for over 4 years and has been sharing his experiences on his blog, Andy in Oman, so readers can get an understanding of what it’s like to be an expat teacher (and family) living and working in Oman. Andrew updates his blog with photos, videos, and musings about his experiences and the blog really does provide valuable information and tips (travel & eating) for anybody interested in Oman. Another top blog from a professional educator in Oman.

SK.Flag  Teaching and Travelling – South Korea
Hannah is teaching English in Ulsan, South Korea, and keeps her blog up to date about her teaching experiences and traveling adventures, as well as doing some Q&As and posting some very funny GIFs about minor frustrations she’s encountered along the way. The blog is really well designed and is easy to read and to navigate, and is an all round great resource!

Japan.Flag  Marshmallow Sensei – Japan
Matt has been teaching in Japan since 2010 and has been updating his blog, Marshmallow Sensei, with musings, observations, and the odd bit of advice throughout his time there. Although not heavily focused on the teaching aspect of his stay in Japan, this blog does provide some great insight into Japanese culture and what life is like as a visiting foreigner. His blog is professionally written, and a number of very funny posts will reward any reader.

SK.Flag  The Red Dragon Diaries – South Korea
Tom has been teaching in South Korea since 2011 and keeps his blog updated with very helpful information for anybody thinking about teaching in South Korea (and who might also have an interest in judo smiley). Tom shares advice, posts some videos, and has all round good content to keep his readers very informed on life as an ESL teacher in South Korea.

Japan.Flag  Jimbo’s English Teaching in Japan Blog – Japan
Jamie has been teaching in Japan since 2005 and his blog exudes a certain maturity of an educator who knows his was around his subject specialty as well as his foreign surroundings. Jamie blogs about language lessons and international education, as well as sharing personal stories about his adventures teaching in Japan. An informative, professional blog that would be valuable to any reader.

UAE.Flag  An American Teacher in the United Arab Emirates – UAE
Tammie is a primary school teacher in Abu Dhabi and she has been updating her teaching blog from the time she completed her interview for the job in the UAE! It’s a great resource for anybody wondering not only about the lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, but also the whole recruitment process in joining an international school. She shares photos of her school, accommodation, and of various day trips in the region.


Oman.Flag  Omani Adventures – Oman
Cliff has been teaching at the university level in Oman for over 4 years and he’s been updating his blog with countless photographs related to various adventures and trips during his time there. This blog very much provides a cultural snapshot of what it’s like to be an expat living and teaching in Oman during this period. Fascinating blog and recommended viewing even if you don’t plan on teaching in the Middle East.

SK.Flag  A Geek In Korea – South Korea
Updated by an English language teacher who has been teaching in South Korea since 2001, this blog focuses more on the day-to-day experiences of life in South Korea, both in and out of the classroom. The goal of the blog is not geared towards informing new teachers about general living in SK, but the blog is very well written and does provide a good view of one teacher’s account of life in South Korea.

UAE.Flag  My Teaching Adventure in the UAE – UAE
Miss Sherry keeps a great up to date blog about her teaching experience in Abu Dhabi. Expect fun commentary about activities outside the classroom and lots of photos so her readers get a good idea of what life is like in the UAE. Keep the posts coming Miss Sherry!

Japan.Flag  Good And Bad Japan – Japan
This blog is updated by an English language teacher in Japan but mainly focuses on the teacher’s excursions, adventures and observations of life in Japan outside of the classroom. You can also expect some music recommendations (to the author’s taste) as well as various other promotions based on the blogger’s own preference. Very much a unique blog in this space, but it’s fresh, original and it definitely makes our list!

UAE.Flag  My Experience In Dubai – Teaching Math – UAE
Sky Rookie blogs about his experience teaching Math in the UAE since he arrived earlier in 2012. In his (very honest) blog, he keeps readers informed about the ups and downs of his experience so far, as well as posting lots of great photos so readers get a good feel for what it’s like to be a math teacher in Dubai. The early signs are great for this up and coming teacher’s blog!

China.Flag  Tom’s China Blog – China
Tom’s China Blog is an extensive blog covering a wide range of topics including traveling in China, Chinese culture and ESL teaching in China. Tom’s blog has a great balance between advice about working/teaching in China and observations/documentation about his experience working and traveling in the region. Tom’s China Blog is a solid starting point for anybody interested in exploring China as a teaching abroad option.

SK.Flag  Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. – South Korea
Amy is an English language teacher at a hagwon in South Korea and updates her blog with regular posts about her life and experiences abroad. Although there are a number of posts about classroom observations, the main focus of the blog is to provide readers with a view into the lifestyle and activities of a foreign teacher in South Korea.  A fun read and some great photos to keep followers coming back!

UAE.Flag  Battered Suitcases – UAE
While teaching at a primary school in Abu Dhabi, Jill updates her blog about life in the UAE, traveling trips, and guest submissions from around the web. Although Jill is no longer teaching in the UAE, her earlier posts up to February 2012 provide good insights into the lifestyle of an international teacher in the UAE and we still think it’s a worthy finalists on this year’s list.

China.Flag  Bruce Teaching English in China – China
Bruce has been teaching English in China since May, 2012 and has been doing a great job sharing his experiences (positive and negative) so far during his journey. He posts about life in China, successes in the classroom, as well as sharing photos from all aspects of his time teaching and traveling so far. We look forward to seeing what else is to come from this blog during Bruce’s stay in China.

Japan.Flag  The Japan Guy – Japan
Donald was an ALT teacher in Japan from 2011 up until the fall of 2012. During this time he kept a very regular blog about his experience teaching and living in Japan and although he is no longer an English teacher, his blog is still a great resource for anybody interested in teaching in Japan. The Japan Guy is full of advice, recommendations, and random posts about life in Japan. Definitely worth a view for anybody considering a position as an ALT in Japan.

Oman.Flag  A Nomad In The Land of Nizwa – Oman
Cathy is an American English language teacher living and teaching in Oman. A true nomad, Cathy was previously teaching in South Korea before her current teaching position at the University of Nizwa. Her blog is jammed with great posts, photos, and commentary about her time and travels while in Oman (and we have at least until the middle of 2013 to keep reading about her experiences!).

SK.Flag  Gone Seoul Searching – South Korea
Although Marie is now back in sunny California, we couldn’t leave her information packed blog off our top blog list. She has compiled some great posts and valuable tips throughout her 2 year stint teaching at YBM in Seoul. This blog is a must read for any university graduates interested in teaching English in South Korea straight out of university.

Brief summary of evaluation criteria:

A number of factors were considered when evaluating each blog, including:
–       Quality of information provided
–       Authenticity
–       Writing style
–       Regularity of posting

Above all else, the most important evaluation criteria is whether the blog provides its readers with a unique perspective into the life of an international teacher at their chosen location – whether South Korea, Brazil, UAE or elsewhere!

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