Visa Process To Teach In Oman

The visa process to teach in Oman is very straightforward but can vary slightly depending on your nationality and passport type. Unlike many other visa processes we have covered here at TeacherPort, it is not required that you receive your work visa before you leave your home country to teach in Oman. Here’s our short and sweet guide on how to get a visa to teach in Oman:

1) Find a suitable employer in Oman who is seeking qualified teachers just like you! There are a number of universities and international schools seeking qualified teachers on a yearly basis.

2) Sign your employment contract and ask your new employer what documents you will need to bring with you Oman in order to receive your work visa when you arrive (the documents required vary depending on the country of your passport).

3) Apply for a Visitors Visa at your local Omani Embassy. You can obtain the visa application document directly from your local embassy website.

4) Make sure to get any required documentation authorized in your home country such as education certificates and employer references. Again, ask your employer what documents are required to apply for your visa once in Oman.

5) Receive your Visitors Visa with 5 – 7 working days and start getting ready to start your new teaching job in Oman!

6) Once you arrive in Oman, work with your new employer to obtain your full work visa, which should be issued to you within 1 – 2 months.

And that’s it! We highly rate Oman as a great place to teach abroad and we wish any teachers starting a new teaching position in Oman the best of luck. Let us know how it goes!

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